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Steven Weishaus


Steven Weishaus

About Steven Weishaus

Everybody has a dream, and for Steven, the “ultimate dream,” as he describes it, goes like this: “I just want to be a successful real estate agent. The best in the industry.” That vibrant enthusiasm and unbridled ambition is the driving force behind his decision to step away from a thriving family business and jump on board with Gino Bello Homes. “Being the best,” he explains, “it’s the first thought that hits me in the morning and it’s the last thing on my mind at night after a busy day with clients.”

A lifelong Westchester resident, Steven knows every corner of the county inside and out, and has always enjoyed the people that make it one of the best places to live, work, raise a family, and have a life. “I love people and I genuinely mean that,” he says.

Having grown up in the hospitality industry with entrepreneurs as parents, he also knows a thing or two about human relations and how important a good working relationship is to success in business. “I want to be in a position in which people put their trust in me and I want to make a positive impact on people that are making a major life decision.” For Steven, that is the definition of a fulfilling and rewarding day at work.

And if drive, determination, and a passion for real estate, and above all, people, are the ingredients for turning a career change into your life’s work, then Steven truly has what it takes to transform a hopeful dream into a highly successful reality. His buyers and sellers, no doubt, will be the lucky ones.

Client Testimonials

Steve is a very personable individual, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He connects with the client and prioritizes them throughout the whole process. As a first time home buyer, Steve made my experience enjoyable and easy, displaying his knowledge about the industry. Among many positive reasons, his amicable nature is why I will absolutely recommend him and call on him again in the future.

-Chris - White Plains, NY