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Gino Bello

Emerald Award Winner 2020

For Gino Bello, if his heart isn’t in it, he just can’t do it. That’s why it was a relatively easy decision to leave his accounting job at KPMG to pursue a career as a realtor. “From the time I was pretty young, I knew two things: I loved real estate and I wanted my own business.”

So, at the age of 25, Gino began making his way in an industry where 92% of his colleagues don’t succeed. “That’s what drove me. I refused to fail.” And, it didn’t take long for him to realize he’d truly discovered his passion, and a ...Read More

Gerry Magnarelli

As a partner at Gino Bello Homes, Gerry Magnarelli’s fundamental attributes towards his everyday life are kept straight forward and simple. They are integrity and trust.

Gerry truly believes that for a real estate transaction to be successful it must maintain those two important core pieces. Establishing trust from the very beginning of the relationship is most important to Gerry and like any relationship it is sometimes the hardest. Once trust is established clients will return to you again and again. There is no limit to any relationship that is built off of integrity and trus ...Read More

Daniel Cezimbra

As part of the Gino Bello Homes Sales Team, Dan Cezimbra brings his extreme dedication, professionalism and passion for real estate to the team. Dan presents a unique, creative insight when assisting his clients in their home transactions. Whether buying or selling your home, his experience and unflinching dedication is unsurpassed and is well recognized and admired by all of his clients.

Dan is well versed in all types of real estate transactions; whether it be a co-op or a multi-million dollar home, Dan and the Gino Bello Sales Team have the knowledge, marketing and experience t ...Read More

Laura Lulgjuraj

Silver Sales Award 2020

For Laura Lulgjuraj, being raised in a family of builders and developers can mean only one thing: “I grew up in dust!” But, more importantly, it also means, “I was always watching a house go up, and I learned, at a very early age, to love real estate.” Laura spent a great deal of time at those job sites back home in Michigan, allowing her a bird’s eye view into how a house becomes a home. “I love showing my clients a property’s true potential and helping them to envision themselves in the space.

With this kind of backgro ...Read More

Jenifer Moore

Silver Sales Award 2020

Jenifer Moore lives to help. She first started out in the working world as a teacher, deriving great joy from working in early childhood development. As Jenifer began growing her own family, a mentor suggested looking into real estate. The moment Jenifer began in real estate, she knew she had found her life long career. “I find so much reward in a career that allows me the opportunity to build lasting relationships with my clients, and assist them through the real estate process from beginning to end.”

Jenifer took on real estate ...Read More

Vincent Caiola

Gold Sales Award 2020

Vinny has had a few different careers over the course of his life, and every last one has been about helping people. “I became a New York State EMT as soon I was eligible.” Which happened to be a few months before high school graduation, while he was still living with his parents in NYC. Yet, he was old enough to be called in as a first responder on 9/11. “There are no words to describe what that day was like, but I knew I had to be there to help.” Soon after, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a paramedic with the FDNY, doing h ...Read More

Steven Weishaus

About Steven Weishaus Everybody has a dream, and for Steven, the “ultimate dream,” as he describes it, goes like this: “I just want to be a successful real estate agent. The best in the industry.” That vibrant enthusiasm and unbridled ambition is the driving force behind his decision to step away from a thriving family business and jump on board with Gino Bello Homes. “Being the best,” he explains, “it’s the first thought that hits me in the morning and it’s the last thing on my mind at night after a busy day with clients.” A lifelong Westchester resident, Steven know ...Read More

Laura Greenbaum

Even the most efficient, highly effective, well-oiled machine needs someone to keep the motors running and the engine in gear, and for Gino Bello Homes, that facilitator, that spark, really, is Laura Greenbaum. Considered the backbone of the organization by her colleagues and the driving force behind their high-level of efficiency, Laura is an accomplished, organized administrator, office manager and supporter. Finely detail oriented and laser focused on excellence in customer service, Laura honed a variety of skills that make her an asset to the team, and even spent seven years immersed in th ...Read More