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Frank J. Salvi

The Law Office of Frank J. Salvi, PLLC.

Attorney at Law

Phone: 914.682.1993
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Email: fjs(at)fjsalvilaw(dotted)com
Address: 445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 607, White Plains, NY 10601

Representing Clients in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties, as well as the New York City area.

We know that ultimately people come to us for results. Our decades of combined experience negotiating and trying cases helps us build very strong cases that ensure that your best interests are being served. Our depth of knowledge of the courts and the law allow us to act as effective advocates who are able to help you secure the best possible outcomes to a wide variety of family law matters.

We familiarize our clients regarding what they can expect moving forward. We help our clients understand how the different decisions they will have to make could impact their futures. We want you to be informed and involved in your case so that we can create a strategy that is tailored to who you are and what you hope to get out of your case.

From contract to closing, Frank Salvi represents both buyers and sellers of real estate. Real estate transactions must be undertaken with meticulous attention to detail in order to avoid any errors that could lead to conflicts.

Frank has extensive experience researching, drafting, and negotiating leasing agreements, contracts of sales, deeds and other documents and agreements. In every transaction and as a matter of course, he provides a candid and thorough analysis prior to contract signing.

At the time of closing, he assists his clients in determining whether the terms of sales contracts have been properly satisfied, such as financing, violations and warranties. Frank either prepares or reviews all of the documents involved, such as loan and financing agreements and the property deed, while managing the list of tasks that must be completed, such as ensuring that all closing adjustments have been properly credited to the client and the deed is recorded in its proper form. Frank regularly works with banks, mortgage brokers, and bank attorneys to help his clients obtain loans, refinance existing loans, or pay off mortgages.

Along with representing residential buyers and sellers, Frank also handles commercial real estate matters, such as the purchase and sale of multi-family dwellings, office buildings and retail properties.

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