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Mark Aakjar

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Mark Aakjar

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Home Inspection

Buying a home is an important decision, one that should satisfy you completely as he is the happiest, who finds peace in his home. This is where our home inspections pave the way to a happy home. Our inspections are conducted by trained, experienced professionals who evaluate everything from the foundation to the roof of your home. We provide complete home inspection solutions by assessing the structure, exteriors, interiors and the mechanical systems of a building or a house. Click here for Testimonials.

Our home inspections services:

Through the structure:

  • Foundation and Basement
  • Attic and Insulation
  • Crawl spaces
  • Ventilation
  • Septic system and Water seepage
  • Garage

Exteriors and Interiors:

  • Roofs, doors, windows
  • Decks, patios, sheds
  • Glazing, landscaping, grading
  • Walls, flooring, ceiling
  • Kitchen inspection
  • Termite inspection

Mechanical and Electrical systems:

  • Plumbing system inspection and fixtures
  • Electrical wiring inspection and fixtures
  • Heating and Air conditioning inspection

With our ultimate home inspection services, step into a healthy and happy home.